Dec 31, 2016

Photo by Ken Weiss

In what might become an annual short-tour scenario every December or January Cleaver, Cline and Ochs played 4 mind-bending concerts in the Northeast: 2 in Philadelphia (once again) as well as doing shows in Baltimore and Richmond, VA. First show in Philly took place on Thursday.

Back again on Sunday at the same venue (Johnny Brendas), the trio added special guest Marshall Allen. Marshall — age 92 — played the entire set with complete concentration and intensity. Very inspiring. Man, I hope I am that capable of delivering the goods at that age if lucky enough to make it that far in good health.… 

In Baltimore, the trio played following an opening trio set by Michael Formanek, Ches Smith and Hank Roberts. And then a shorter improvised sextet-set closed the show; loved hooking up with the three of them, especially Mr. Roberts. Cello and tenor sax are a great pairing! Richmond show took place at Gallery5, a terrific community gallery for all kinds of visual and sonic arts.

Audiences for all the shows were completely focused, and that vibe helped push the music into unchartered territory, which is always where one wants to be in the live moment.

Photo by Peter Gannushkin taken at JACK, May 26, 2015

Photo by Peter Gannushkin taken at JACK, May 26, 2015